NASA Ladies Rules of Play



NASA Ladies will use these rules of play, supplemented by the rules of the RCGA


1.  Each player must register at least 30 minutes prior to her tee time and must pay for her round prior to tee-ing off.

2.  Players who have a golf membership at the course will pay a NASA fee of $5.00 to play.

3.  All play will be from the forward tees.

4.  All putts must be holed out.  No Gimmies!

5.  Handicaps will not be used.

6.  If you book and cannot play, you MUST cancel your tee time either by calling the contact person or, on the day of the game, by calling the pro shop.  A second No Show will result in a one month suspension.

7.  Score cards must be exchanged within the group.

8.  After finishing 18 holes, each player must provide a score card with: hole by hole scores, the total score, the player’s printed name, NASA number and the signatures of the player and the scorer.

9.  If for any reason you do not finish, you must still turn in your signed score card.  Otherwise, the person entering the scores will waste a lot of time figuring out if she missed a player.

10. Sponsored Guests can play a maximum of twice in the season.  Guests will pay a surcharge of $10, they  do not turn in a score card and they are not eligible for flight prizes.


The following rules are to help maintain the pace of play

REMEMBER: We are here for a Good Time, not a Long Time


11.  Play ready golf.

12.  Scoring will be to double par. At double par, pick up your ball and continue to the next hole.

13.  No more than three minutes looking for a lost ball.

14.  If your ball goes out of bounds or is lost, take a drop within 2 club lengths of where it went out. Score a one stroke penalty.

15.  Keep up to the group ahead - don't just stay ahead of the group behind you.


Here are some basic considerations that are often forgotten by players

1. Make sure no one is near you when you swing your club.

2. Make sure the group in front of you is clearly out of range before you hit your ball.  (your range, not Tiger Wood's)

3. Do not stand directly behind the player, the ball or the hole when a player is making a stroke, on the fairway or the green.

5. Stand still and refrain from talking when another player is hitting their ball.

6. Follow the flight of your group's shots to determine landing areas. It is amazing how much time taken looking for a ball far ahead of where it actually landed  (maybe not so much by the ladies).

7. Do not stand on another player's line of putt. (It can take up to 5 minutes for a footprint to "rebound" on the green and therefore can greatly affect the next player's putt).

8. Don't replay missed putts.

9. Fix your ball mark and two others on the green.

10. Record scores on the next tee, not on the hole you just completed.

11. Be ready to play at all times.

12. Keep your equipment with you when looking for a lost ball.

13. Rake bunkers after you play from them, leaving them in the condition you would like to play.

14. When teeing up your ball, be sure to stay within the markers and never ahead of them. (you can be up to two club lengths behind the markers)

15. If you are unsure of what to do in any situation ask your playing partners. Usually at least one will be familiar with the rules.

16. Let us be mindful of our motto: Good Golf and Good Fellowship.


Have fun